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    510376 ViewsProfit From Online Poker Sign Up Bonuses  By : James Woolley
    The popularity of online poker in the last five years or so has meant that more and more poker sites are starting up all the time, and they are all competing for your business in this fiercely competitive environment. The main incentive that most of them offer is off course a sign up bonus. This is great for you, but are they as profitable as they sound?
    80185 ViewsPlaying Offline Backgammon  By : tcads
    There was a time when Backgammon was considered elegant, befitting only to emperors and kings. The ebbing of time has gradually erased that pompous arrogance to spread out over every cross section of society reaching a surge over the Internet. Today it translates to highly professional fun and recreation.
    77660 ViewsYour Sports Betting System  By : Hughverhurings
    "Take the gamble out of gambling with this Statistics Doctorate's Betting System". No Sports Knowledge Or Betting Experience Needed!
    45858 ViewsIs There A "Best" Betting or Gambling System ?  By : Tyler James Ellison
    There are gamblers and there ARE the gamblers. For those who cannot control their gambling addiction and those who want to delve into the business of gambling, there are some areas to turn in a profit, day or night.
    42529 ViewsReal Money Backgammon Games - Icing on the Cake  By : tcads
    Why? Because they sweeten the plot for players by attracting them to their sites to play for real big money. Some of these jackpots range from $25,000 to $100,000 per month, and in January 2007, the backgammon world will see the introduction and launch of the first $1 million prize.
    39045 ViewsBackgammon Player: Tim Holland  By : tcads
    The single brightest star shining in the backgammon sky for quite some decades is the unanimously famous Tim Holland who has been showered by titles for his stupendous success in the field. Tim Holland is widely popular as the world’s leading backgammon player.
    38560 ViewsBackgammon History and Timeline  By : tcads
    One thousand years approximately before the birth of Christ, people were playing backgammon. In fact down through the ages and throughout the civilizations, backgammon has featured in one form or another.
    33187 ViewsPlay65 - Java Backgammon Platform  By : tcads
    Penned by Ben Oakland and Milton Drake in 1940, and released in the 90's by popular recording group Manhattan Transfer the Java Jive with its world famous lyrics of: 'I love coffee and I love tea, I love the Java Jive and it loves me', was a song that seemed to embody the mood and atmosphere of an era.
    30523 ViewsSome Secrets to Win Any Game in Gambling  By : Dick Mills
    Gambling can be a lot of fun. But it isn't when you are always on the losing end. If you can not afford to lose your money, never mind gambling. But you can make serious money in betting. Well, you can even be rich.
    29856 ViewsAbout Equity in Backgammon  By : tcads
    All of us know the importance of the term equity in finance, whether in business or personnel wealth. In general the meaning of equity is value of ownership. In backgammon we use the term equity to indicate expectation.
    29727 ViewsFrench Bets and Roulette  By : Andy F
    The most appealing features about the roulette table in casinos is the many different types of bet that you can make to keep mixed up and interesting.
    27864 ViewsHow to Play Backgammon Aggressively  By : tcads
    Forget being Mr. Nice Guy, aggressive backgammon is not for the faint hearted, beginners or even a good amateur, aggressive backgammon is the way you play when you want to crush the opposition. The previous polite, almost genteel mode of play of ‘please and thank you’ goes out of the window in the aggressive game.
    25646 ViewsEnjoy Online Sportsbook Betting  By : Hans Hasselfors
    There are a large number people who enjoy online sports book betting. Online sports book betting has become a popular way to earn a huge amount of money. But only thing about online sports book betting is that it should be legal in any circumstances.
    25479 ViewsSome Generic Backgammon Rules  By : tcads
    The objective of the ancient, yet most modern and popular games of all time - backgammon, is very simple. You need to bring all your checkers from the away board to your home board and start 'bearing off.
    22552 ViewsOnline Backgammon Frequently Asked Questions  By : tcads
    Checkers are generally moved by drag & drop method in online backgammon. One can also move simply by clicking the mouse.
    20669 ViewsHorse Racing Guide for Philippines  By : Warren Peters
    Considered as among the most popular forms of betting game, horse racing has been embraced by so many countries in the world. As a matter of fact, the countries that authorize the existence of this wagering game are reaping enormous earnings through it.
    19779 ViewsBackgammon Player: Neil Kazaross  By : tcads
    'The best way to improve at backgammon is to get your hands dirty and really work to learn to understand this game'.
    19531 ViewsPoker Tournaments and WSOP  By : Andy F
    The World Series of Poker first started back in 1970 at Binion's Casino in Las Vegas and today it is considered the most prestige's poker tournament held any where in the world.
    17560 ViewsBackgammon - Now Coming to a Screen Near You  By : tcads
    Sport in all its glory is appreciated by performer and spectator alike, “there’s no substitute for being there”, there’s nothing like the real atmosphere of an event to bring home the thrills and excitement and feel of a live event. Unless, that live event is televised.
    17119 ViewsBackgammon - Deliberation and Dice  By : tcads
    The main tool for backgammon whether you play on or offline is the dice. The question that everyone will ask at one time or another in the online backgammon game is this Are the dice fixed?
    17111 ViewsHorseracing and the Importance of Post Positions  By : Jimmy Cox
    The post position is where a race horse starts his race and it can have a variable effect on the outcome of the race, which in turn, can have an affect on your horseracing handicap.
    16439 ViewsA New Arena for Sports Gambling  By : Wallace Willis
    The internet has paved the way for a change in the everyday routine of a lot of people which includes the sports gambling world.
    16341 ViewsBackgammon's Points of Reference  By : tcads
    When playing for fun or playing for money, the object is to know your points. Backgammon is essentially a battle between two opponents, and uses the basic strategies of conflict, in that there is an attack and a defence.
    14416 ViewsBackgammon Top 10 Playing Tips  By : tcads
    Even if you have never played backgammon before or you an expert, the following tips might just help you understand or play better, remember no game is ever the same and every player is different, but there are some patterns to play that at least point you in the right direction.
    13820 ViewsCommon Backgammon Variants Plus Simple Steps  By : tcads
    Backgammon boards are being used to play different kinds of backgammon all around the world. The following article explains the basic rules of the most common variants.
    13631 ViewsDifferent Types of Bingo Games Explained  By : Hunter Crowell
    A look at the various ways you can play bingo.
    13425 ViewsBackgammon Theme Variations  By : tcads
    Just like regular backgammon the checkers move in the same way. White checkers move from the black home through the black outer board to the white outer board and then to the white checkers home, and then they can bore off.
    13287 ViewsBackgammon Player: Nack Ballard  By : tcads
    Backgammon has brought a lot of people into the limelight. And though the famous can be counted in tens rather than thousands, in this most complex game of skill and luck, some names jump out at you like a tossed lost dice.
    12532 ViewsWhat is Special about Backgammon ?  By : tcads
    What makes Backgammon so special? It is not like any other game, oh that's a wild comment if ever I heard one, but in the case of backgammon it's true, back gammon has so many different elements attached to it that make it extraordinary, for example, there's the craft of the game, it has a factor of game play which relies on your skill and ingenuity to win, plus it has a risk factor in that the dice cannot predict what is going to happen when it's your turn.
    12404 ViewsDoes Offline Gambling Come with Lesser Risks?  By : Michael Costa
    There is no foolproof way to always win when gambling. That is why it's called gambling, you take risks and reap the benefits when lady lucks sides by you, but this isn't always the case. Most of the time people end up being addicted, losing all that they've worked for all in the belief that gambling is the real get rich quick solution.
    12296 ViewsHow to Know how to Avoid Offline Gambling Scams  By : Michael Costa
    With commodities escalating to greater heights, more and more people are continuously are getting poorer each day. Here, there, and everywhere, people can be found seeking ways to sustain their daily lives.
    12264 ViewsGeneral Outline of Backgammon  By : tcads
    The game of Backgammon dates all the way back to 3000 B.C. It’s a game for two people in which each player has fifteen play pieces that are called checkers. The checkers are set up in specific rows on the board.
    12098 ViewsPlaying Backgammon for Money  By : tcads
    Now why does that phrase playing for money bring some people out in a cold shiver? Possibly it can mean one of two things; either you are going to win, or you are going to lose.
    12057 ViewsHow to Set Up the Backgammon Board  By : tcads
    Backgammon is the oldest known board game. The game is played between two people and each person has fifteen playing pieces which are sometimes referred to as 'Stones'.
    11510 ViewsHow to Choose 3 Draws or 5 in Football Betting  By : Olivia Lake
    Usually, most football teams carry out in line with their current results history. This means that in general they'll tend to lose against better teams, and win against poorer teams. The quality from the teams is reflected by their position in their league, when the season has stabilized and 'all other things are equal'.
    11483 ViewsHow To Make The Most Out Of Free Bets  By : Shaun Parker
    Free bets are available online. This article will explain where to find free bets online and how to utilise them.
    11325 ViewsHow to Score Big in Backgammon  By : tcads
    The matter of how you score would depend greatly on what you are playing for, in the case of money then it is likely that the players involved will try to score high, by producing elements to their game such as the doubling cube.
    11249 ViewsBetting Systems for the Horse Track  By : Jon Weaver
    A system is simply an arrangement of all racing variables into a definite pattern. A system is "mechanical" if it leaves nothing to the player's own judgment. A handicapping system calls for some decisions on the part of the selector.
    11131 ViewsHyper Backgammon For Fast Players  By : tcads
    To get good at any game is matter of practice, sometimes this requires endless hours of doing the same thing over and over again, this sort of repetition can become mind sapping and boring and defeat the object.
    10983 ViewsLive Roulette Games  By : Andy F
    When you think about roulette games, you are probably thinking about games played in which a wheel is involved and this form of gambling has been know to have been played since the first roulette game was discovered in the seventeenth century by a mathematician.
    10863 ViewsUltimate Roulette System: Means to Gain Sure Shot Success  By : Ivanovich Cuxev
    The ultimate roulette system is basically a technique that will help you gain an edge while playing the online casino.
    10817 ViewsHorse Racing Enthusiasts - Beaten by Misinformation  By : Jimmy Cox
    Most people who become interested in racing, if pinned down and forced to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, would admit that they know very little about horses, racing and the figuring of winners. Whether or not they admit these facts to you or to me, nevertheless they know them in their own hearts.
    10640 ViewsThe Time for Backgammon is Now !  By : tcads
    Unless you have been on a desert island or lost in an equatorial rain forest the media world has gone into overdrive with the supposed demise of internet gaming in the USA. The last week for the online gaming history has been one of the most traumatic, if not the most traumatic in its history.
    10467 ViewsThe Olympic Champion of Backgammon  By : tcads
    Pardon…Olympic champion for backgammon the world’s gone mad!!!
    10259 ViewsDo You Want to Write a Backgammon Program ?  By : tcads
    Whenever you play a video game or a PlayStation game the game progresses through various levels, this is no coincidence that the term levels should be used, as levels designate the distinct way that a program has been put together.
    10231 ViewsThe Houston Backgammon Club  By : tcads
    The popularity of backgammon in USA, can be seen in one particular State: Texas as it always seems to be full of backgammon events throughout the year. Since the nineties, many clubs and associations have been created in Texas.
    9964 ViewsSomeone Always Loses in Betting  By : Tyler James Ellison
    However, there is only one fact that remains. In gambling, there is bound to be a loser. In fact, most people contend that a game is not to be considered as gambling if it will not have losers.
    9763 ViewsDoes Internet Backgammon Improve Sex ?  By : tcads
    A preposterous statement of course, how can anybody think that playing a game of backgammon online can in anyway enhance a person's libido? There is no such thing as virtual Viagra so why would backgammon be any different?
    9688 ViewsOnline Backgammon - The New Beginning  By : tcads
    The metamorphosis of backgammon is something that is hard to keep tracks on. Its growth rate has become unparalleled, even by today's gaming standards. The contributing factor to this is the development of online casinos where backgammon has now infiltrated into the psyche of many poker players, who recognize the potential that backgammon offers as a gaming possibility.
    9603 ViewsFocus on Golf Betting  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    Gambling and betting in sports dates back to the age of Roman Empires and it has been blatantly and relentlessly used as a source of enjoyment in the sports . Betting in sports refreshes the spectator, puts a little life back in the game. And betters who win the bet have nothing but triumph that calls for celebration.
    8986 ViewsAbout Backgammon Freeze Out  By : tcads
    FREEZE OUT! What is usually recognised as a poker term can now be heard in the tournament games of backgammon; even online backgammon has started making provisions for this variation.
    8899 ViewsHow to Deal Blackjack  By : Jason Szova
    Learning how to deal blackjack is not that difficult but you do need to remember very specific rules when you deal.
    8828 ViewsEffective Winning Roulette Tips - Learn to Win Roulette  By : Stefano Hourmouzis
    Virtually all roulette strategies are not worth serious consideration. This information will teach you most of the known effective roulette tips so you may possibly earn a living with roulette. Is there actually a practical method to win? Without a doubt.
    8538 ViewsBack to Backgammon School  By : tcads
    There's a school of thought, that says you can't teach an old dog new tricks, or in other words trying to teach something new to someone older is not really possible.
    8536 ViewsSome Tips in Regards to Winning at Roulette Games  By : Carolyn Johnson
    Roulette is a game played by one to seven individuals. Bets are placed by positioning chips on a certain number that they would want to win. These chips are only for roulette and can not be used for any other game.
    8217 ViewsPlaying Backgammon - Chance is Fine  By : tcads
    In playing the game of backgammon you are playing a game that requires dexterity in thought and movement, it also requires a calculated risk as with every dice throw the players positions invariably change.
    7739 ViewsThe Opportunities of Sports Betting  By : Shaun Parker
    A look at the variety of sports betting options that are available.
    7690 ViewsBackgammon Handicapping and Timing  By : tcads
    Are there any ways for playing handicapped backgammon to so that you can play evenly?
    7668 ViewsDo You Really Know Backgammon ?  By : tcads
    For the majority of us backgammon is black and white, not just on the board but in its rules.
    7547 ViewsBackgammon - Roll Camera - Action  By : tcads
    Movies like Paul Newman's The Hustler, McQueen's The Cincinnati Kid, Redford and Newman's The Sting, De Nero's Casino and of course Cruise and Hoffman's Rainman are the definitive gambling movies, the Thomas Crown Affair is infamous for its sexual dalliances over the Chess Board, yet no one has yet taken backgammon onto the silver screen?
    7252 ViewsBackgammon Frequently Asked Questions II  By : tcads
    Can I spread a checker and bring a checker from the bar in the same role?
    7049 ViewsBackgammon Player: Billy Eisenberg  By : tcads
    William (Billy) Eisenberg is a backgammon legend in his own life time. To describe his unbounded caliber, achievements and successes in a few paragraphs is comparable only to the preferable drop in the ocean analogy. Because, his life is a multifaceted success story that is difficult to prioritise in terms of achievement.
    6867 ViewsSome Basic Backgammon Jargons  By : tcads
    The 4-point and 5-point on the opponent's home board is called Golden point.
    6847 ViewsBenefits to Gambling and Betting  By : Tyler James Ellison
    Some people cringe at the thought of being labeled as a gambler since the stigma would forever hound them. People have different reasons as to why they gamble. Some gamble to forget their problems, others for fun, or to while away the time, those who play seriously and those who are addicted to it.
    6647 ViewsIs 2-7 Offsuit Really A Bad Poker Hand?  By : James Woolley
    In texas hold'em, 2-7 offsuit is the worst starting hand you can possibly have because your chances of making any kind of winning hand are slim. You could make a straight or a flush but you will only be using one of your cards, and if you do make a pair it's unlikely to be a winning one.
    6350 ViewsThe Backgammon Board's Points  By : tcads
    Backgammon is a race between two countries. The number of soldiers is restricted to 15 by the gentle man’s agreement. Code of Conduct has been clearly described by the Judge Security Council (!).
    6204 ViewsHow to Play Skill Gammon  By : tcads
    An occassional series of new and original backgammon games.
    6143 ViewsBackgammon Tournaments and Prize Money  By : tcads
    For the tournament or 'tourney' player, the real money lies in tournament play. Over the past few months prize money has rocketed in these games, with the significant arrival of corporate sponsorship and funding.
    6108 ViewsBackgammon 3D - Three Dimensions  By : tcads
    3D or three dimensional has almost become like the Holy Grail to Television and movie companies across the globe.
    6098 ViewsAbout Randomness In Online Poker  By : Joris de Geringel
    You ever wonder how the deck is shuffled in an online poker game? Who can you hold responsible for that terrible suckout on the river? Randomly shuffled cards can be seen as the core business of online poker rooms and you will be suprised how much effort is required to achieve truly random cards. Read on about online poker rooms, quantum mechanics, random generators and more.
    6087 ViewsHow A Horse Racing Forum Can Help You  By : Warren Peters
    The internet today finds its value in two aspects: advertising and connection. These two factors are the main reason why the internet remains alive today. People either learn how to buy stuff through the internet or they talk to other people.
    6021 ViewsMy Favourite Online Backgammon Outfit  By : tcads
    Here are some things to look for when playing online backgammon. First of all reliability, the site you choose to pay at should be one that can be easily found in references to backgammon.
    6008 ViewsBackgammon Board Essentials  By : tcads
    Backgammon is one of the most popular board games in today’s world. This article features information on the boards make up.
    5842 ViewsBetting: Online Versus High Street  By : Shaun Parker
    A comparison of the pros and cons of betting online both on the high street and online.
    5492 ViewsOnline Bingo Bringing The Bingo Hall Near You!  By : Shaun Parker
    How online bingo works and your guide to winning losing and above all having fun.
    5251 ViewsGoing from Rags to Riches Playing Poker  By : James Woolley
    You will probably have read about various different players starting off with relatively little and going on to make a fortune from playing poker. In this article I'm going to be discussing whether anyone could potentially follow the same path themselves.
    5247 ViewsOffline Poker Can Be As Exciting As Online Poker  By : James Woolley
    Online poker has become so big in the last five years, that there's a whole breed of very capable poker players who have never played a real-life game away from their computer. These people have no idea just how exciting offline poker can be.
    5228 ViewsHow You Can Win Poker Games  By : neil parnham
    As poker is very popular today and a favorite game to play among Americans, one may ask, if there really is a sure way to win at poker.
    5192 ViewsWhat To Look Out For - Sports Betting Online  By : Shaun Parker
    As the autumn of 2007 approaches, sports betting online increases as a pastime as punters start to spend more time indoors. This autumn, however, gives the gambling fans a huge array of opportunities to bet online on through their internet sports betting accounts.
    5186 ViewsThe Backgammon Machine Think Syndrome  By : tcads
    Would backgammon have stayed a board game had it not been for the computer? It is a good question, one that has since passed into obscurity, as the computer has superseded the traditional board game of backgammon. That is not to say that people still don’t huddle around a wooden board on a busy street corner cafe ?
    5070 ViewsFree Bets Incentives in Sports Betting  By : Shaun Parker
    An article to inform the new Sports Betting fan how they can actually get a free money bonus from bookmakers as "Free Bets".
    4971 ViewsOnline Bingo Game Players And Stereotypes  By : Anthony Wayne
    An article about online bingo players and bingo player stereotypes and new statistics relating to online bingo players.
    4895 ViewsTexas Hold Em Poker Tips For Amateurs  By : neil parnham
    Fact, of all the hands dealt only 21% are winning hands. The rest, which is 79%, are losers. The difference between a winner and a loser is what he does with 79% of the hands dealt so that it becomes a winner.
    4868 ViewsOmaha Poker - The New Texas Holdem?  By : Matthew Smith
    Try out Omaha Poker, the current craze that may take over from Texas Holdem. Latest tips on playing, which hands to stick with, when to fold and avoiding the most common pitfalls.
    4840 ViewsPlaying Poker at Home or at a Casino  By : Wallace Willis
    The difference of playing poker at home and at the casino.
    4796 ViewsAbout Black Jack Card Counting  By : Hans Hasselfors
    Where in other casino games such as roulette, craps there is no absolute effect of result of one play on any future deal, the blackjack always remain some risks regarding that. That means in blackjack it is possible that some events of any future play can be affected by its previous performance.
    4795 ViewsFree Football Bets - Premier Bets on the Premiership  By : Shaun Parker
    With all the recent events on the Premiership with changes of coach, players getting injured and top clubs not hitting their form on a consistent basis, this is the sort of time to make the most of football free bets.
    4766 ViewsOnline Bingo - Funding Options for US Players  By : Anthony Wayne
    Alternative funding options for US online bingo and casino players.
    4745 ViewsDo You Struggle with a Gambling Addiction?  By : John Smithes
    To people who don't gamble, or more so to normal gamblers, the thought that they will progress to compulsive gamblers is ridiculous. The start of compulsive gambling may be incited by situations or circumstance. But the conditions are real.
    4505 ViewsExplanation of Spread Betting and Tips for Betting  By : Shaun Parker
    Not sure what spread betting is? Read our article for a brief description of Spread Betting and how much can be made online.
    4428 ViewsWhat You Really Need to Know About Video Poker Games  By : Carolyn Johnson
    Video poker is really a casino game that has much in typical with slot machines, however it is really a slot machine game combined using the guidelines of 5 card draw poker in a extremely particular manner. Video poker is often considered by numerous experienced gamblers to become vastly superior to slot machines due to the impact that skilled play has on the possible payback from the machine.
    4415 ViewsWhy People Look for Horse Racing Videos  By : Warren Peters
    Horse racing has got to be one of the oldest sports in history. Although technology has continued to produce various vehicles that may be raced, horse racing still has strong supporters all over the world. In fact, when you look at the state of the internet today, you will find that a lot of people actually try to find horse racing videos.
    4405 ViewsSnowie - Backgammon's Virtual Player  By : tcads
    The game of backgammon is designed to be played by a mix of players from the beginner through to the professional, it is not just experience that wins games sometimes you need a little professional assistance.
    4337 ViewsHow to Win Consistently at Video Poker Online  By : Olivia Lake
    Playing video poker is not difficult. Winning at video poker, although, is an additional story. If you wish to master the rules and begin collecting the understanding needed to win, you may want to attempt online video poker.
    4238 ViewsSpread Betting - The Ultimate Involvement  By : Shaun Parker
    An insight into the history and future of spread betting.
    4125 ViewsBasic Backgammon Glossary  By : tcads
    Anchor: An anchor is a situation when you have two checkers or more on a point in your opponent's home board. For example, each game begins when each player has an anchor on his opponent's 1-point.
    4060 ViewsThe Future of Online Bingo and Smoking Bans  By : Anthony Wayne
    An article that explores smoking bans in the UK and the US and the effect this will have on the online bingo industry.
    4033 ViewsBackgammon Player: Walter Cookie  By : tcads
    After the initial popularity of backgammon dipped during the forties and fifties, it took the sterling efforts of Prince Alexis Obolensky, who conceived the idea of an international background to raise the standards of the game. This first International Tournament was held in the Bahamas in 1964 where invitations to the world's elite players were handed out.
    3962 ViewsImportant Online Blackjack Tips  By : tcads
    Blackjack is one of the most fun and popular gambling card games, both in live casinos and online play.
    3933 ViewsA Guide for Horse Racing Aficionados from the Philippines  By : Max Ashbeck
    Considered as among the most popular forms of betting game, horse racing has been embraced by so many countries in the world. As a matter of fact, the countries that authorize the existence of this wagering game are reaping enormous earnings through it.
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