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Articles in Home | Backgammon | Strategies

  • Backgammon Game Play And Strategies  By : tcads
    Anyone can play backgammon that is the good news, and with the introduction of online backgammon playing the game just got a whole lot easier for players around the globe.
  • Optimize Backgammon Blocking - Maximize Your Score  By : tcads
    All strategies, techniques and tips in backgammon have been evolved leading to blocking the passage of the opponent to get a crucial timing advantage for oneself : blocking, means keeping the opponent waiting, so as to extract additional mileage for you, in order that you have more free movement around the board.
  • Backgammon Solid Defense - A Key to Victory  By : tcads
    Backgammon is a race of two players, who spread out checkers through out and finally aim at bearing them off from the board before the opponent. So, the strategy lies in creating a free movement for one’s own checkers as well as restricting the movement of the opponent’s checkers. However, never forget that your opponent is also thinking along the same lines!
  • Opening Backgammon Moves and Early-Game  By : tcads
    There is a lot to be said about how you set out to play the game of backgammon, unlike other board games except possibly Chess backgammon has an almost ritualistic approach to the game.
  • Entering the Backgammon End Game  By : tcads
    If you look at the different phases of a backgammon game, the climax of the game is undoubtedly the most challenging.
  • Backgammon Roll-Over Strategy  By : tcads
    Ok let us not get confused with the Roll Over usually associated with lotteries, this Roll Over has more to do with strategy than with luck: though luck does have a certain amount to do with it.
  • Picture Your Backgammon Strategy  By : tcads
    Whether you’re in front in the game or behind having set in place your correct game plan, should in most cases present you with a better chance to win. You will be able to see this at first hand as you near the end of the game.
  • Playing Backgammon - 5 Easy Pieces  By : tcads
    Okay so you now you know a bit about playing online backgammon, which as you have discovered is really no different to playing off line backgammon, the rules are the same, the dice look the same, except they appear as virtual graphics as does the board.
  • Always Have a Proper Backgammon Plan  By : tcads
    The strategy of backgammon requires each player no matter how good or bad they are to have a plan, even if your plan fails, always have backup one.
    So try to plan and prepare before any encounter, by proper preparation you will be a in a better position to challenge and perhaps win.
  • Backgammon - All Is Well That Ends Well  By : tcads
    How to conclude the game efficiently, which means how to win. The most crucial factors at the concluding part of any game is your Timing.
  • Blocking Strategies in Backgammon  By : tcads
    A backgammon game owes much to military tactics, one such tactic that is employed throughout the game is that of blocking, blocking translated into the military vernacular could be seen as a pincer defence movement, pinpointing strategic positions before applying a force to strengthen that position.
  • Backgammon - Success Through Mathematics II  By : tcads
    Oswald Jacoby's success should never be measured just in the counting of the titles he had been awarded, but his true contribution in the core concept of playing the game has made him an icon in the field of backgammon.
  • Backgammon - Success Through Mathematics I  By : tcads
    Here we want to discuss how a tremendous analytical power and the ability to implement them in the game does not only crown Jacoby with the success in backgammon but also in most of the gambling games of today's modern world.
  • Backgammon - When You Are Behind  By : tcads
    If you find that you are falling behind in the game, you may start feeling discouraged if you have not undergone any neutral training or mental strength building.
  • How to Play Backgammon Aggressively  By : tcads
    Forget being Mr. Nice Guy, aggressive backgammon is not for the faint hearted, beginners or even a good amateur, aggressive backgammon is the way you play when you want to crush the opposition. The previous polite, almost genteel mode of play of ‘please and thank you’ goes out of the window in the aggressive game.
  • Backgammon Game Winning Spree  By : tcads
    The chance of winning in Backgammon depends on how much skill you have been able to amass through your bouts of failures. As Oscar Wilde once said, 'Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes'.
  • Important Strategic Backgammon Moves  By : tcads
    You are now familiar with the Backgammon Board as well as the distribution of points, so now lets delve into 'How to Move' the checkers.
  • Backgammon - To Hit And Not To Hit  By : tcads
    The common scenario in backgammon is that no player wants to leave any stone unturned for vying at the opponent’s checkers. In backgammon it is called a shot.
  • Correct Backgammon Anchoring  By : tcads
    We all know that Backgammon is a game of skill and luck. While luck lies in the throw of the dice, skill is directly linked with your power of anticipating your opponent’s move and application of your intuitive knowledge.
  • Unleash the Power of a Backgammon Double  By : tcads
    We assume you have acquired the basic knowledge about the game and have started winning or at a stage where you are about to win, having lost a few games at the very end when you have realized that your strategy had not been perfect.
  • Playing Backgammon - Helpful Tips  By : tcads
    Backgammon is a game of skill, luck and intuition. The scenario varies with every game, where any pre-defined strategy may fail for obvious reasons. Here we can echo Oscar Wilde as 'Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes'.
  • Advanced Level Backgammon Strategies  By : tcads
    Advanced Level refers to a point from where you can start winning. The basic winning strategy depends upon three factors
  • Intermediate Level Backgammon Strategies  By : tcads
    As you are aware of the various strategies at the beginners’ level, the stage is set to focus on improvising your performance. You can start off by choosing a similar level player among your known sources.
  • Bearing Off in Backgammon  By : tcads
    Bear off – The deciding factor as to whether you win or lose in a particular game.
  • Powerful Backgammon Beginner Strategy  By : tcads
    As a beginner, you need to focus on the key objective of the game. In a nutshell, the objective is to bring all the checkers to your inner board and to finally start bearing them off.
  • Important Backgammon Strategies  By : tcads
    Everybody knows that Backgammon is a game of skill, luck and intuition. The objective of the game is simple; to bring the checkers to the home board and to be the first one to bear off.
  • Blocking in Backgammon  By : tcads
    With the advancement of the game and its flourishing popularity the game of skill and luck, Backgammon is becoming more and more strategic; this means an admirable improvisation of your strategy, your intuition, and your power of reading the progress of the game.
  • The Backgammon Doubling Cube  By : tcads
    Announcing a double increases the value of the stake twice and the re-double quadruples respectively.
  • Backgammon And War  By : tcads
    No one in their right mind can compare war to a board game; the very idea that a conflict which involves the killing of innocent people on both sides of the divide is something that cannot be considered as anything other than crazy.
  • Beyond the Basics of Backgammon  By : tcads
    Congratulations - you've learned the basics of backgammon - board set up, pieces, players, beginning strategies and concepts. Research and reading have increased your awareness. Going to clubs and tournaments have sharpened your techniques.
  • Backgammon: Double Your Money !  By : tcads
    When I was growing up the back and white TV in the corner of the room used to echo to the tones of ex Canadian Air Force Colonel Hughie Green the presenter of talent show Opportunity knocks and in 1955 a quiz programme, 'Double your Money.'
  • About Nuclear Backgammon  By : tcads
    In 1983 Matthew Broderick starred in a movie that opened the world's eyes to the possibility of a nuclear strike happening, whether by mistake or intentional. The film illustrated that access to a computer that was operated by NORAD was possible and once in, a program called Thermo Nuclear War could be played.
  • Bad Advice in Backgammon  By : tcads
    Michael Jackson, remember him, the one time Peter Pan of Pop who lived in his own Neverland and danced with zombies and the undead, and who released an album called Bad on which were the first lines I'm Bad I'm Bad ; could be said to have made some bad moves over the past few years.
  • Playing Backgammon - Agressive or Defensive  By : tcads
    There is always a debate in backgammon on whether a player should take a highly aggressive approach to the game, or a defensive one. It is preferable to keep in mind the famous proverb; 'slow but steady wins the race'.
  • Begin Backgammon at the Beginning  By : tcads
    If you know nothing about the ancient 'game of tables,' known as the modern game of backgammon, perhaps you need to read up a bit. There is a plethora of information available both in bookstores and online - do your research.

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