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  • World Champions of Backgammon Since 1967  By : tcads
    The following is a List of World Backgammon Champions from 1967 to the present day. It makes for interesting reading and when closely analysed provides some revealing statistics.
  • Backgammon Player: Lord Charles Denby  By : tcads
    This guy Denby, or to give him his proper title, Lord Charles Denby, plays the role of an English aristocrat, who has not only perfect manners and etiquette, but has also perfected the art of backgammon.
  • Backgammon Player: Neil Kazaross  By : tcads
    'The best way to improve at backgammon is to get your hands dirty and really work to learn to understand this game'.
  • Backgammon Player: Nack Ballard  By : tcads
    Backgammon has brought a lot of people into the limelight. And though the famous can be counted in tens rather than thousands, in this most complex game of skill and luck, some names jump out at you like a tossed lost dice.
  • Backgammon Player: Chris Bray  By : tcads
    Chris Bray is one of the most renowned freelance journalists and backgammon columnists for various newspapers and forums in UK. He writes a weekly backgammon column for Independent Newspapers in the UK whose circulation is in the range of 3 million.
  • Backgammon Player: Billy Eisenberg  By : tcads
    William (Billy) Eisenberg is a backgammon legend in his own life time. To describe his unbounded caliber, achievements and successes in a few paragraphs is comparable only to the preferable drop in the ocean analogy. Because, his life is a multifaceted success story that is difficult to prioritise in terms of achievement.
  • Backgammon Player: John Crawford  By : tcads
    In the world of backgammon John Crawford and Carol Crawford are synonymous with the game, each having achieved the highest standings in world rankings and fulfillment of their personal mission to leave a lasting legacy to the game.
  • Backgammon Player: Walter Cookie  By : tcads
    After the initial popularity of backgammon dipped during the forties and fifties, it took the sterling efforts of Prince Alexis Obolensky, who conceived the idea of an international background to raise the standards of the game. This first International Tournament was held in the Bahamas in 1964 where invitations to the world's elite players were handed out.
  • Backgammon Player: Tim Holland  By : tcads
    The single brightest star shining in the backgammon sky for quite some decades is the unanimously famous Tim Holland who has been showered by titles for his stupendous success in the field. Tim Holland is widely popular as the world’s leading backgammon player.
  • Backgammon Player: Bill Robertie  By : tcads
    Bill Robertie has been recognized as a true contributor to Backgammon, the game of luck and skill. He is an all time famous backgammon player and has won the most prestigious title; 'World Champion of Backgammon'.
  • Backgammon Player: Oswald Jacoby  By : tcads
    Here we want to discuss how a tremendous analytical power and the ability to implement them in the game does not only crown Jacoby with the success in backgammon but also in most of the gambling games of today’s modern world.

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