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Articles in Home | Backgammon | General Rules

  • Playing Backgammon for Money  By : tcads
    Now why does that phrase playing for money bring some people out in a cold shiver? Possibly it can mean one of two things; either you are going to win, or you are going to lose.
  • Real Money Backgammon Games - Icing on the Cake  By : tcads
    Why? Because they sweeten the plot for players by attracting them to their sites to play for real big money. Some of these jackpots range from $25,000 to $100,000 per month, and in January 2007, the backgammon world will see the introduction and launch of the first $1 million prize.
  • Hyper Backgammon For Fast Players  By : tcads
    To get good at any game is matter of practice, sometimes this requires endless hours of doing the same thing over and over again, this sort of repetition can become mind sapping and boring and defeat the object.
  • Backgammon's Points of Reference  By : tcads
    When playing for fun or playing for money, the object is to know your points. Backgammon is essentially a battle between two opponents, and uses the basic strategies of conflict, in that there is an attack and a defence.
  • Do You Really Know Backgammon ?  By : tcads
    For the majority of us backgammon is black and white, not just on the board but in its rules.
  • About Backgammon Freeze Out  By : tcads
    FREEZE OUT! What is usually recognised as a poker term can now be heard in the tournament games of backgammon; even online backgammon has started making provisions for this variation.
  • Backgammon Handicapping and Timing  By : tcads
    Are there any ways for playing handicapped backgammon to so that you can play evenly?
  • Backgammon Top 10 Playing Tips  By : tcads
    Even if you have never played backgammon before or you an expert, the following tips might just help you understand or play better, remember no game is ever the same and every player is different, but there are some patterns to play that at least point you in the right direction.
  • Playing Backgammon - Chance is Fine  By : tcads
    In playing the game of backgammon you are playing a game that requires dexterity in thought and movement, it also requires a calculated risk as with every dice throw the players positions invariably change.
  • What is Special about Backgammon ?  By : tcads
    What makes Backgammon so special? It is not like any other game, oh that's a wild comment if ever I heard one, but in the case of backgammon it's true, back gammon has so many different elements attached to it that make it extraordinary, for example, there's the craft of the game, it has a factor of game play which relies on your skill and ingenuity to win, plus it has a risk factor in that the dice cannot predict what is going to happen when it's your turn.
  • How to Score Big in Backgammon  By : tcads
    The matter of how you score would depend greatly on what you are playing for, in the case of money then it is likely that the players involved will try to score high, by producing elements to their game such as the doubling cube.
  • About Equity in Backgammon  By : tcads
    All of us know the importance of the term equity in finance, whether in business or personnel wealth. In general the meaning of equity is value of ownership. In backgammon we use the term equity to indicate expectation.
  • Some Generic Backgammon Rules  By : tcads
    The objective of the ancient, yet most modern and popular games of all time - backgammon, is very simple. You need to bring all your checkers from the away board to your home board and start 'bearing off.
  • Backgammon Terminology Insight  By : tcads
    You must be aware of certain terms used in backgammon from the beginning of your backgammon career.
  • Backgammon Game Rules Explained II  By : tcads
    The players cast and play alternately throughout the game; with the exception of when a player cannot make a legal move when they, therefore, forfeit their turn.
  • Backgammon Game Rules Explained I  By : tcads
    The object of backgammon is for each player to bring their men into their home board; and, then to bear off their men from the board.
  • An Explanation of Backgammon Rules II  By : tcads
    If one player has not been able to borne off any of his checkers by the time his opponent has borne off all of them, he has lost a gammon and loses twice the value of the game.
  • An Explanation of Backgammon Rules I  By : tcads
    Backgammon is a board game for two players. There is much speculation as to where the game originated from, including Egypt, Sumaria, and even Iran.
  • Some of Backgammon's Special Rules  By : tcads
    The game of Backgammon started long ago and has witnessed dawns of many civilizations. Many people have joined hands in contributing to its policies over the years .
  • Backgammon Game - Moving Checkers  By : tcads
    The key objective of Backgammon is to bring the checkers (or the men, as they may also be called), home and to bear them off the board before the opponent does.
  • Backgammon Game Played With Dice  By : tcads
    Backgammon is a game played with two dice that is a statement of fact. This does not however allude to the historical background of a device that has over the centuries been the catalyst to riches and rags.
  • The Backgammon Cube  By : tcads
    Backgammon advances in methods of playing the checkers and how to interpret specific moves for front and back game strategies have moved rapidly forward for some time now.
  • How to Play Backgammon Online  By : tcads
    Once you download the game and complete the installation process, you will either find an icon in the desktop or you will need to start from start->Program.

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