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Articles in Home | Backgammon | Basics

  • Some Basic Backgammon Jargons  By : tcads
    The 4-point and 5-point on the opponent's home board is called Golden point.
  • Backgammon Frequently Asked Questions II  By : tcads
    Can I spread a checker and bring a checker from the bar in the same role?
  • Backgammon - Deliberation and Dice  By : tcads
    The main tool for backgammon whether you play on or offline is the dice. The question that everyone will ask at one time or another in the online backgammon game is this Are the dice fixed?
  • Online Backgammon Frequently Asked Questions  By : tcads
    Checkers are generally moved by drag & drop method in online backgammon. One can also move simply by clicking the mouse.
  • Some Backgammon Terms  By : tcads
    Advanced Anchor:If one builds an anchor on the point-4 or point-5 in his away board or an anchor in the player's home board to stop movement of the opponent's checkers, it is called an advanced anchor.
  • Backgammon Frequently Asked Questions  By : tcads
    Anchors are built up to create a defense for you so that the opponentís moves become hindered. Experts say the best place to create an anchor is at your away board.
  • The Backgammon Board's Points  By : tcads
    Backgammon is a race between two countries. The number of soldiers is restricted to 15 by the gentle manís agreement. Code of Conduct has been clearly described by the Judge Security Council (!).
  • Basic Backgammon Glossary  By : tcads
    Anchor: An anchor is a situation when you have two checkers or more on a point in your opponent's home board. For example, each game begins when each player has an anchor on his opponent's 1-point.
  • Backgammon Board Essentials  By : tcads
    Backgammon is one of the most popular board games in todayís world. This article features information on the boards make up.
  • General Outline of Backgammon  By : tcads
    The game of Backgammon dates all the way back to 3000 B.C. Itís a game for two people in which each player has fifteen play pieces that are called checkers. The checkers are set up in specific rows on the board.
  • Snowie - Backgammon's Virtual Player  By : tcads
    The game of backgammon is designed to be played by a mix of players from the beginner through to the professional, it is not just experience that wins games sometimes you need a little professional assistance.
  • My Favourite Online Backgammon Outfit  By : tcads
    Here are some things to look for when playing online backgammon. First of all reliability, the site you choose to pay at should be one that can be easily found in references to backgammon.
  • Backgammon Game - Child's Play  By : tcads
    What wise old sage was it that said 'start them off young and they'll follow you forever' Perhaps it was a wise old man who played backgammon, as there is a consensus of opinion that the younger players are the better they will ultimately become.
  • Why Backgammon is Not Poker  By : tcads
    I don't care what you say, backgammon is not poker!
  • The Skill Factor in Backgammon  By : tcads
    Earlier this year an experiment took place in Israel to see if the game of backgammon was more skill based than luck based.
  • Backgammon Software Installation  By : tcads
    Computer and Internet, the main pillars leading to the resurgence of the age-old game, backgammon. A glimpse at the history reveals the popularity of the game backgammon has followed a sinusoidal curve, traversing through crests and troughs.
  • Backgammon Computer Programs Part 2  By : tcads
    The mode of reinforcement learning that has been so successful in teaching computers to play backgammon is called temporal difference (TD) learning, which is based on the differences between temporally successive predictions.
  • Backgammon Computer Programs Part 1  By : tcads
    Much of the renewed interest in the game stems from its connection with computing technology: not only because backgammon is being packaged as a hot new form of online gaming or because a PC is a tireless and always-available opponent, but because backgammon has become one of the success stories of research into artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Information About Backgammon Software  By : tcads
    Backgammon resurgence in the Internet era and the popularity of its online and offline versions continues over the past couple of years it was thought to have reached its zenith as more software companies came into the market looking to design the best backgammon software for the community of web users.
  • Is it Possible to Cheat at Backgammon ?  By : tcads
    Backgammon, not easyÖwhy? Because online backgammon is not an easy place to cheat.
  • Gambling on Backgammon - Skill or Luck ?  By : tcads
    A good question, particularly where money is involved; backgammon is enjoying a new lease of life and perhaps one of the reasons for this is the ability to be able to gamble for money.
  • The Holding Game of Backgammon  By : tcads
    Backgammon is so attractive that everyday it finds some new players. However, if you are a new player, playing against an expert, then by the rule of the law your chances of winning become significantly less. What is the solution?
  • How Safe is Internet Backgammon ?  By : tcads
    Playing for fun on the internet is never really a threat to the personal security of the individual who is playing, The web in itself is not the guilty part. it is after all just another tool for conveying information.
  • Play65 - Java Backgammon Platform  By : tcads
    Penned by Ben Oakland and Milton Drake in 1940, and released in the 90's by popular recording group Manhattan Transfer the Java Jive with its world famous lyrics of: 'I love coffee and I love tea, I love the Java Jive and it loves me', was a song that seemed to embody the mood and atmosphere of an era.
  • Do You Swing in Backgammon ?  By : tcads
    Isn't it strange how different words and their meanings change with the mood or fashion of the times.
  • About Backgammon Online Servers  By : tcads
    Backgammon online servers are becoming the best way to access online backgammon quickly, as more and more companies move to develop their own servers, so as to keep ahead of their competition.
  • Backgammon Books and Resources  By : tcads
    We can all do with a little help from time to time especially when we are first learning the game or wanting to better ourselves. Online tutorials and backgammon schools are great and very helpful, but they are something you canít just pick up regardless of where you are.

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