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  • Is There A "Best" Betting or Gambling System ?  By : Tyler James Ellison
    There are gamblers and there ARE the gamblers. For those who cannot control their gambling addiction and those who want to delve into the business of gambling, there are some areas to turn in a profit, day or night.
  • The Backgammon Machine Think Syndrome  By : tcads
    Would backgammon have stayed a board game had it not been for the computer? It is a good question, one that has since passed into obscurity, as the computer has superseded the traditional board game of backgammon. That is not to say that people still don’t huddle around a wooden board on a busy street corner cafe ?
  • Online Backgammon - The New Beginning  By : tcads
    The metamorphosis of backgammon is something that is hard to keep tracks on. Its growth rate has become unparalleled, even by today's gaming standards. The contributing factor to this is the development of online casinos where backgammon has now infiltrated into the psyche of many poker players, who recognize the potential that backgammon offers as a gaming possibility.
  • Backgammon Theme Variations  By : tcads
    Just like regular backgammon the checkers move in the same way. White checkers move from the black home through the black outer board to the white outer board and then to the white checkers home, and then they can bore off.
  • The Fascinating Game of Backgammon  By : tcads
    Backgammon is without a doubt a far more fascinating game than most of the modern players realize. It has been around for many years, the instructions are easy to follow which means anyone can play Backgammon.
  • Common Backgammon Variants Plus Simple Steps  By : tcads
    Backgammon boards are being used to play different kinds of backgammon all around the world. The following article explains the basic rules of the most common variants.
  • Backgammon 3D - Three Dimensions  By : tcads
    3D or three dimensional has almost become like the Holy Grail to Television and movie companies across the globe.
  • The Time for Backgammon is Now !  By : tcads
    Unless you have been on a desert island or lost in an equatorial rain forest the media world has gone into overdrive with the supposed demise of internet gaming in the USA. The last week for the online gaming history has been one of the most traumatic, if not the most traumatic in its history.
  • Backgammon - Now Coming to a Screen Near You  By : tcads
    Sport in all its glory is appreciated by performer and spectator alike, “there’s no substitute for being there”, there’s nothing like the real atmosphere of an event to bring home the thrills and excitement and feel of a live event. Unless, that live event is televised.
  • The Olympic Champion of Backgammon  By : tcads
    Pardon…Olympic champion for backgammon the world’s gone mad!!!
  • Do You Want to Write a Backgammon Program ?  By : tcads
    Whenever you play a video game or a PlayStation game the game progresses through various levels, this is no coincidence that the term levels should be used, as levels designate the distinct way that a program has been put together.
  • Backgammon - Roll Camera - Action  By : tcads
    Movies like Paul Newman's The Hustler, McQueen's The Cincinnati Kid, Redford and Newman's The Sting, De Nero's Casino and of course Cruise and Hoffman's Rainman are the definitive gambling movies, the Thomas Crown Affair is infamous for its sexual dalliances over the Chess Board, yet no one has yet taken backgammon onto the silver screen?
  • The Connection of Backgammon and Fish  By : tcads
    Fish is known as 'brain food' particularly the oily varieties; backgammon in a recent survey is now considered to be a brain game, i.e. food for the brain. Although the link is tenuous, there appears to be on the surface a connection.
  • Backgammon's Ever Rising Popularity  By : tcads
    Backgammon has at last found its place in the US in the twentieth century. It is said that that the Doubling Cube emerged from the brain of a gambler, a cube which could literally accelerate the speed and make it a more challenging game.
  • 21st Century Backgammon - Ancient Game  By : tcads
    Choose your favorite search engine and type in 'backgammon, online tournaments.' The ancient game of backgammon has arrived in the 21st century - big time! Thousands of hits to pour over, read through, enjoy and play.
  • Backgammon - From Experienced to Advanced  By : tcads
    You've arrived at the rest of your backgammon life - proceeding from beginner/novice through intermediate/experienced; and, now, you're here -advanced.
  • Finally Backgammon is Featured on TV  By : tcads
    It had to happen, with the plethora of TV channels that now proliferate around the television networks growing everyday, in particular sports channels. The demand for more sports action fuels the insatiable appetite of sports fans that just can't get enough.
  • Ho Ho Ho - Backgammon Versions  By : tcads
    As we look towards the approach of Christmas and the season of Goodwill to all men, with crushed feet and shredded tempers as we make our annual pilgrimage through the department stores and shopping malls, in search of the years' must have present, we check our list not once but twice for the perfect gift for that special person.
  • Backgammon History and Timeline  By : tcads
    One thousand years approximately before the birth of Christ, people were playing backgammon. In fact down through the ages and throughout the civilizations, backgammon has featured in one form or another.
  • Apply for Backgammon Vacancies Now !  By : tcads
    'I've come for the job of backgammon player'?
  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall...  By : tcads
    Well we all know the next line about who is the fairest in the land etc, etc, And we are all familiar with the mirror stance just before we go out to trip the light fantastic, but what is the reason for standing in front of the mirror to pose ?
  • Just Add Salt to Backgammon  By : tcads
    Earlier this year Gatwick Airport in the UK was the setting for what was described as the world's biggest backgammon board, located close to the runway this gigantic backgammon board could be seen quite clearly on take-offs and arrivals.
  • Is Backgammon the New Poker ?  By : tcads
    Today, more so than at any other time in the games history, clarification is necessary as to the characterization of backgammon, in that backgammon is a game of skill.
  • Backgammon - It is murder  By : tcads
    Entering the room, I looked around and saw the usual group of players; each one had their own peculiar characteristic.

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