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Top Ten Caribbean Stud Poker Tips

By: Mark Kesting

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Poker has become one of the most popular card games in the world. Poker has developed in time many interesting game variations.

One of these is Caribbean Stud poker that is quickly becoming popular in traditional casinos and online casinos as well. Winning at a game of Caribbean stud poker can only be done by knowing the rules of the game very well and with the use of some great game strategies and tips.

Here are some Caribbean stud poker tips that will surely increase your chances of winning at this game.

1. Always hold your cards in a way that nobody will see them. And letís just say that taking a little peak at your neighborís cards is not a good idea either. It is better to focus on your hand and on the cards on the table. Try to make great decisions, donít be reckless or hasty.

2. Try not to pick up your cards before all of them are dealt by the dealer. And another great thing to remember is not to put your cards near the edge of the poker table.

3. Another thing to remember is to use a good game strategy. The perfect strategy in Caribbean Stud poker is very complicated and few players know how to use it a 100%. But if you follow two general rules you will be able to increase your winning chances for sure. Always raise if you have a pair or a better hand and fold when you have a lower hand than the qualifying hand of the dealer, which is an Ace and a king.

4. Never bluff when you play Caribbean stud poker. Bluffing is absolutely not helpful in this type of poker, because if your opponent canít fold is useless to bluff. Do not stay in the game with a low hand just for the sake of being in the game.

5. Always know when it is time to stop. If you have a bad day, do not stay in the game just for being in the game. Think a little of your wallet. It is important to know when to stop even if you are winning. Never push your luck, if you managed to double your initial money take a brake.

6. Only enter the game with a strong hand. If you do not have at least an Ace and King combo, the wisest thing to do is to fold and try your luck in the next hand.

7. If you are playing Caribbean Stud poker online, you have the possibility to win the progressive jackpot. But remember, only go after the progressive jackpot if it is a substantial stack of money.

8. Donít play drunk, sad or in a bad mood. You can easily loose your concentration and you wonít be able to follow the game properly. Poker is all about decisions so it is rather important to have a clear mind to make the best decisions.

9. Never stay in a hand just because you are already in it. If things do not look good for you, get out. Why loose more money? Many beginner players think that if they already invested so much money in the pot, a good idea would be to hang in there and hope for a miracle. But they do not realize that they are throwing more money away.

10. Do not play every hand. If you consider you do not have a strong hand, fold. If there is a promising hand or a good one go for it. But never throw away money on garbage hands. Bet more on strong hands. Good luck.

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