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Guidelines for Betting Accumulators to Protect your Bankroll

By: tcads

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Given the significance of the risk involved, most serious gamblers would not recommend betting accumulators. That is an important statement because of the fact that most experienced sports gamblers are essentially saying accumulators do not create enough value to justify the risk. It really is difficult to argue with that logic.

With that said, there will always be a large group of recreational sports bettors, who like to bet accumulators. This group prefers accumulators because of the large potential reward that comes with a small bet. They also like the idea of creating betting action on a number of games or matches to keep things interesting. Again, it really is difficult to argue with that logic.

Setting Parameters for Betting Accumulators

If you have made the decision to test your luck by betting football accumulators (we will use football as an example), it would be in your best interest to set yourself some guidelines in order to protect your bankroll. Here are a few guidelines that should be useful in guiding you along the way.

1. Betting Singles With Your Accumulators This can be a very useful betting strategy. If you like a side enough to put it on an accumulator, it makes sense that it would be suitable for a single bet as well. Using a 3-team accumulator as an example, you can create extra value by placing single bets of equal value on all three of your picks, then place the same matches on an accumulator for a small wagering amount. If you hit all three matches, you will have created great extra value. If only one or two of the matches come back a winner, you will still get a return and be able to offset the loss of the accumulator.

2. Control the Number of Matches to be Included It is really difficult to resist the temptation of putting 5 or 6 matches on the same betting slip once you see the potential return. The problem is it is difficult enough to hit 1 game much less trying to hit 5 or 6 at a time. By keeping the number of matches you include on your football accumulator to less that 4, you can still have a reasonable chance of making a profit over a period of time.

3. Betting Options The fact you are betting an accumulator creates a substantial risk unto itself. You do not want to make your risk any larger by betting on matchers and/or leagues that are beyond your scope of familiarity. For the best betting value, stick with the teams and leagues you are most comfortable with and knowledgeable about.

4. Shop Prices If you do business with multiple online bookmakers, you can extract a little extra value by betting with the bookmaker that offers the best cumulative odds on the teams you plan to put on your accumulator(s). You might also score some useful football accumulator predictions while taking advantage of free betting tips for football accumulators.

5. Minimize Risk The best way to minimize your risk is to minimize the amount you are going to wager on your football(s). You should never risk more that 2% of your bankroll on a risky accumulator.

By following these guidelines, you can keep yourself in action while you grind your way towards a hot streak where the betting gods smile on you with a series of winning accumulators. Football accumulator predictions can be very useful if used with your own selection criteria. This also applies to betting tips for football accumulators. The goal is to keep control of your own sports betting environment so you can minimize your risk by making the most out of the information available while trying to maximize your return.

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